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Instant Power

Cooking with gas

Freestanding Ovens


A typical freestanding cooker may feature one or two ovens, or an oven and separate grill, plus a four-zone hotplate. All models come with a grill, which can be slotted either beneath the hob or at eye level.


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Range cookers combine all the benefits of a freestanding cooker, with the addition of a larger or extra oven, more burners and the option of a hotplate.


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Cooking with Gas

Gas cookers are the first choice for top chefs (and fussy cooks) everywhere.They give instant, controllable heat at the turn of a dial, using the most natural and economical source of cooking energy. With gas at your command in the kitchen there's absolutely no guesswork.

You have total control of the flame, which means total control of the heat. Whether you need something to boil quickly or to simmer gently, you get the response instantly because there's no waiting for elements to heat up or cool down.

Ovens and hobs

Ovens & Hobs

Most gas ovens are hotter at the top, cooler at the bottom. Burning gas creates a moist atmosphere, which helps to prevent food from drying out which is particularly good for roast meats and poultry. Fanned gas ovens provide an even heat throughout.


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Extractors and Splashbacks

Extractors & Splashbacks

An efficient cooker hood above the hob is a must for removing lingering odours and grease (contained in steam) from the air.


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