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How to read your meter

There are three types of meter. Please identify which kind you have from the options below.


When the pointer is directly over the number it is that number should be inserted.

When the pointer is between numbers it's the lower number that should be inserted.

The last dial is ignored.

Meter Dials

Reading = 7946


Imperial gas meter

Reading = 4942


Metric gas meter

Reading = 99998

Submit your meter reading

Our meter reader visits your property every quarter to read your gas meter and provide you with an accurate bill.

If we are unable to access your meter during our normal working hours you can now take the reading yourself and submit it to us online by completing the form below.

Alternatively, we will be happy to accept your meter reading over the telephone if you contact our meter department on 755592.

Enter your reading

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Customer Number

You’ll find your Customer Reference Number on your gas bill, as shown on the link below, or on any other personally addressed correspondence you may have received from us.


Where to find your customer number.