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Central Heating Systems

A central heating system consists of all the pipe work and radiators that are connected to the boiler. The boiler provides the heat but it's the pump (Circulator) that moves the heated water from the boiler through the pipe work to the radiators, and back to the boiler for re-heating. There are many types of system that can be installed, and which may be tailored to your own preferences. But a carefully designed and installed system will give many years of trouble free running and will not waste heat, therefore keeping fuel costs low.

Open Vented

Used on older systems and cast iron boiler, open-vented systems have an expansion tank fitted high up normally in the loft next to your cold water tank, which feeds the water down the ‘Cold Feed’ into the central heating system.

Sealed System

Most modern systems use this method because it is easier to install and has less tendency of problems developing in the system at a later date.

Sealed systems do not have an expansion tank as the pipework, boiler and radiators are filled up directly from the mains.

Manufactures include an expansion vessel, pressure gauge and Safety Valve in the boiler case (System Boiler), but all the components can be obtained separately. Most boilers will work on a sealed system.

Warm Air Central Heating

This is central heating with a difference, the difference being these units do not contain any water (dry system). The air is warmed directly by the gas as it passes through a simple heat exchanger, the air is then circulated through ducts within the property.

These systems are extremely economical to run and quick to warm up from cold, but if you are wanting this type of system then you would be best moving into a house that already has it. Or building your own house, fitting the warm air ducts as the house is being built.

This type of system is almost impossible to fit into existing houses because of the large ducts needed to circulate the air.

These really should be installed in the centre of the property with the ducts starting off very large and gradually reducing. Air vents are also needed in the walls from heated rooms to allow cooler air to return back to the warm air unit for re- heating. (return air) This is filtered, re-heated and then blown back through the ducts by large fan. Its also possible to get electrostatic air filters to eliminate odours and 95% of airborne particles. (good for asthma sufferers).

The circulation fan may be used to circulate air in the summer to promote cooling. But should not be confused with Air Conditioning as air Conditioning is something totally different.

Instant heat with Gas

It is important that your central heating system is designed to give you maximum comfort and maximum efficiency.

We ensure that your system is designed carefully, taking into account your own needs as well as that of the environment.


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